Our foreheads are subject to constant movement: when we are angry, blinded, focused, or just raised our eyebrows. In addition to facial expressions, natural skin aging also contributes to the formation of forehead wrinkles.

The bad news is that wrinkles cannot be stopped. Sooner or later the firmness and elasticity of our skin diminishes, so that it goes through a natural aging process. That in itself is not tragic, but for many men and women an aesthetic problem. Especially when the first wrinkles appear on the face and make the face look older. The good news, however, is: With the right care and a healthy lifestyle, you can counteract the premature formation of wrinkles – without any botox. Which other factors can promote skin aging and which products should promote a smooth complexion are explained as follows.

These factors promote permanent forehead wrinkles

From the age of 25, the skin loses its elasticity, so that the first expression lines can appear on the face, which are initially only superficial. With increasing age, however, the depth of wrinkles also increases, triggered by our natural facial expressions: the more pronounced this is, the earlier forehead wrinkles can become noticeable. These are horizontal folds that are reinforced when you laugh or wrinkle. Frown lines, on the other hand, are vertical between the eye brows and the nose – they are particularly encouraged when your facial expressions are permanently tense. For example because they are constantly angry or have to concentrate hard. But external factors also have a major influence on the formation of wrinkles. The most well-known triggers that cause our skin to age faster include smoking, alcohol consumption, too much sun exposure and too little sleep. In order to counteract forehead wrinkles at an early stage, a healthy lifestyle is essential. Skin care also plays an important role.

Prevent forehead wrinkles – with the right care

There is no question that skin care products cannot have the same effect on forehead wrinkles as botox or hyaluronic acid injections. For this, the use of an anti-aging cream is significantly cheaper than a medical intervention. In addition, the over-the-counter cosmetic products contain certain combinations of active ingredients that are supposed to promote a smooth complexion – such as the following care products:

1. Hyaluronic acid
It is a natural component of our connective tissue and is broken down by our body over time, so the surgical procedure is not a one-time thing. For the same reason, products containing hyaluronic acid should not be used for short periods of time. To get a positive result, you need the moisturizer or the serum apply regularly. Only in this way can the active ingredient be stored in your connective tissue, improve the complexion of your skin – and counteract forehead wrinkles.

2. Forehead pads
As the name suggests, the pads are placed directly on the forehead to reduce wrinkles. The natural ingredients contained in it should – according to the manufacturer – be completely absorbed by the skin so that it is supplied with moisture and its elasticity is improved. The forehead pads also have a cooling effect and can be worn for up to eight hours at a time. The same also applies to anti-wrinkle plasters Against frown lines: They are applied directly to the problem area (between the eyebrows and nose) and can even work overnight while you sleep.

Retinol serum It has the same effect on our body as vitamin A, which fights wrinkles: Retinol is a substitute that is supposed to make the skin more elastic and thus can also minimize forehead wrinkles. In contrast to vitamin A acid, retinol serum is does not require a prescription and is therefore found in many care products such as creams and masks. Since the active ingredient inhibits free radicals, which normally break down the wrinkle-reducing collagen, retinol is traded as a popular beauty secret weapon in the cosmetics market.

4. Face
roller Regular facial massages should also reduce forehead wrinkles. These can be done by hand – or you can use a so-called face roller. It consists of a jade or rose quartz stone and has a smooth surface that feels pleasantly cool when rolled over the skin. It is important that you only exert a little pressure on your face during the massage and then apply a moisturizing cream or facial oil to the skin treat to stimulate blood circulation.

5. Ultrasound
A so-called ultrasound treatment in the cosmetic studio easily costs between 500 and 1000 euros. It too should be able to help reduce the visible wrinkles on the face and forehead. This is made possible by ultrasound waves that penetrate the skin and heat deeper layers – which in turn stimulates the regeneration of cells. This should make the skin look plumper and fresher by reducing forehead wrinkles. However, the result is only visible after several uses. If the treatment is too expensive for you, you can also get an ultrasound machine buy for home use. The prices are not cheap, but they are significantly cheaper than professional treatment at a beautician. Use the device twice a week.

6. Microdermabrasion
This is a special device that removes the topmost layer of skin: During microdermabrasion, which stimulates blood circulation, your face is freed from dead skin particles and skin cell renewal is stimulated. This in turn means that your face should appear firmer and smoother after the treatment. Depending on which attachment you use, the microdermabrasion device can also be used to remove pimples and blackheads. Without the use of chemicals.

Botox vs. Hyaluronic Acid: What’s the Difference?

It is not uncommon for those affected to have their forehead wrinkles removed, which requires a medical intervention at the Beauty doc. He uses botox or hyaluronic acid – but what is the difference? On the one hand in price, on the other hand in application: while the botulinum toxin is injected directly into the facial muscles, the hyaluronic acid gel has to be injected under the skin. This has the advantage that your face does not appear as rigid as after a botox treatment – but it is cheaper. In both cases, the effect wears off after six to twelve months at the latest, so that it has to be repeated regularly. This makes a visit to the specialist much more expensive than the permanent use of care products against forehead wrinkles.

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