If you’re not sure about the role of upholstery in your decor, you’re not alone. This article discusses the role of upholstery in your decor, what factors to consider, and what types of materials are available. This article also covers fabric selection from Upholstery Shop Sydney, color schemes, and slipcovers. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a better idea of which materials will suit your decor.

Fabric selections

When you’re buying new furniture or reupholstering old pieces, fabric selection is crucial. However, it can be challenging to sort through the thousands of fabrics available. While color, pattern, and type are important considerations, not everyone is an expert on fibers. Here are some tips to make your fabric selection easier. Keep in mind that upholstery fabrics are made from many different materials, so it’s best to start by defining your design preferences.

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A company that specializes in custom-made furniture will typically offer many options for fabric selections. Hancock & Moore, for example, offers a library of over 500 fabrics. Their showroom features samples of all the options they carry. Century, which offers a wide selection of custom furniture, offers a fabric search tool online. If you’re looking for a fabric for outdoor furniture, Sunbrella is a good option.

Fabric durability

While a cotton fabric will wear well, other fabrics are better for ensuring durability. Cotton is very resilient and durable, and thicker fabrics may be more stain resistant. For the ultimate in stain resistance, you should treat your cotton fabrics with stain repellent to make them blemish-free. Other fabrics for upholstery include olefin, also known as polypropylene. It is a blend of resin and acrylic, and has a soft wool-like texture.

To determine how durable a fabric is, look for a rating system that combines both strength and stain resistance. The number of double rubs a fabric can withstand is based on its strength. It is important to check fabric durability in a high-traffic area, such as a restaurant or public office. Higher numbers indicate a more durable fabric. Fabric durability ratings are often expressed as a number that represents how much wear and tear the fabric can withstand.

Color schemes

There are several colors and color combinations to choose from to achieve the look you desire for your furniture. You can use complementary colors to add a pop of excitement to your scheme. Complementary colors pair together on opposite sides of the color wheel and can also be primary or secondary colors. Choose a color that appeals to you the most and that you can live with. Alternatively, you can use a monochromatic scheme, which means all of the colors are of the same hue.

When choosing upholstery paint colors, consider whether you’ll be using two complementary or analogous shades. Complementary colors work well together, while analogous colours can be complemented by each other. You can also try pairing two complementary colors together, such as red and blue. Make sure you choose complementary and analogous shades, as these will create a stronger and more appealing aesthetic. When choosing a color palette, consider your surroundings, lighting, and decor to help you decide which scheme is right for you.


Understanding the role of upholstery and slipcovers will help you choose the perfect cover for your furniture. You can add fashion details like welting and zipper to your slipcovers to make them unique and stylish. You can also use different fabrics like corduroy and velvet to customize your slipcovers. The choices are endless! Read on for more information! Listed below are some of the main benefits of slipcovers for your furniture.

Slipcovers are the best way to refresh worn or abused furniture pieces. You can use them anywhere in your home, from the bedroom to the hall. A new slipcover can give you a whole new look for a bench that has seen better days. And if you have children, you can use the slipcovers to hide messy pets! Getting a new cover will make the bench look brand-new!

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