A well-trained upper body turns a man into a real guy. Instagram star Andrej Mangold also knows that. His best chest exercises will get you in top shape too

O b on the basketball court or topless in the pool: A broad chest is advantageous in various situations. Insta star and men’s health cover model Andrej Mangold knows this particularly well.

Andrej’s athleticism also lives from the variety and versatility of his athletic program. “On average, I exercise 6 to 7 times a week,” he says. He’s not just talking about the 3 to 4 workouts in the gym. There are also up to 4 weekly basketball units and additional runs in the fresh air. When doing strength training, Andrej focuses on the upper body. We present his chest workout with 8 exercises here.

What does Andrej’s training plan look like?

His workout consists of 8 exercises with 9 repetitions each, in the 3-2-1 system. He divides each exercise into 2 different movement phases. The positive phase (upward movement) he performs explosively, in the negative (downward) he takes 3 seconds of time to lower the weight for the first 3 repetitions, then 2 seconds, then one. There are 3 sets per exercise (1 minute break in between), after a break of 90 seconds you can start the next strength exercise. Run and gun!

1. Dumbbell covers

  • Grasp a dumbbell in the diamond handle on the inside of the weight plate and place it on the training bench. Hold the weight vertically across your chest, palms  from your body, arms straight.
  • Slowly move the dumbbell back over your head with your arms straight until your upper body is fully extended. Then return to the starting position with your arms straight.

2. Around the world

  • Grasp two dumbbells under your grip. Put it on your back on the bench, arms slightly bent, dumbbells directly on your thighs.
  • Move weights with straight arms to the right or left.
  • Complete the semicircular movement you have begun with your arms slightly bent until the dumbbells touch behind your head. Then return to the starting position in a controlled manner in the same way.

3. Dumbbell flys

  • Lie back on the bench with the dumbbells in the overhand grip. Hold the weights over your chest with your arms straight.
  • Slowly spread the weights horizontally, turn palms up. Back to the starting position.

4. Negative bench press

  • Start lying on your back on the negative weight bench. Lift the barbell out in a shoulder-width grip. Extend your arms and tense your chest.
  • Bend your arms slowly and so that
  • Lower the weight until the pectoral muscle is fully stretched. Push your arms through again, back to the starting position.


5. Push-ups on kettlebells

  • Assume the upper push-up position, tense the core, hands on the kettlebells, feet on toes and balls of the feet.
  • Then lower your body over the entire range of motion until your arms are bent to the maximum and your chest is almost on the floor. Push up on the balls, back to the starting position.

6. One-sided floor press

  • Lie on your back again, bend your legs. Dumbbell in the right hand, the arm is bent, lies against the body.
  • Press the dumbbell up in a controlled manner until the arm is fully extended. Return the weight to the starting position. Switch sides after the last repetition.


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