Barely every tenth German does it: do without pajamas or clothes in bed. That’s why you should sleep naked from now on

Only 10% of the population sleeps naked. Most of them are therefore rather skeptical about sleeping naked. Why actually? We have the sleep researcher Dr. Hans Günter weeß, author asked why one should sleep at all naked. Here are the 7 reasons why sleeping naked is worth trying:

1. Sleeping naked is healthy and hygienic

The fact is: “Sleeping naked can have an advantage for the skin,” says the expert. If you belong to the group of naked sleepers, you sweat less at night than pajamas sleepers, especially in the intimate areas of the body. This removes the breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and fungi.

The pajama group, however, argues that it is unhygienic to sleep without clothes. Not quite true. Sleeping naked is more hygienic on one condition: washing your bedding more often. Sleep researcher Weeß: “Naked sleepers should change their bed linen at least twice a week. At night you sweat and lose up to 0.75 liters of fluid. This naturally collects in the bed linen.” But let’s be honest: How often do you wash your pajamas that soak up sweat every night?

 2. Naked sleepers are self-confident

Another argument for being naked in bed: you get a better body feeling. “Anyone who sleeps naked feels sexy,” emphasizes the sleep researcher. Admittedly, you won’t become an Adonis just because you sleep in your Adam’s costume. But sleeping naked has a positive effect on your self-esteem. If you feel good in your skin, there is hardly a better feeling than feeling fresh bed linen on your bare skin. And then you radiate this self-confidence, also on women.

3. Naked sleepers have more sex

If two people lie next to each other naked, the chance of physical contact increases. Because the probability of erotic moments is higher when your loved one is naked than when she is lying next to you in grandma’s pajamas, right? Which in turn improves your relationship.

4. Sleeping naked reduces stress

“When people touch each other, the bonding hormone oxytocin is released,” explains Weeß. This causes both partners to relax. “The release of oxytocin minimizes the formation of the stress hormone cortisol. This ensures that both partners calm down,” explains the expert.

But that’s not all: the bonding hormone oxytocin strengthens your immune system. The blood pressure slows down and even depressive moods can be prevented by the cuddle hormone. Provided, of course, that you find each other attractive. If two people are lying next to each other who cannot smell each other, the effect does not materialize.

5. Sleeping naked can improve your sperm

In general, take off tight panties before going to bed! Sperm don’t like warmth or clothing that narrows you down. Here it can be an advantage to go to bed naked. But if not, the best thing to do is wear loose-fitting pajamas. “This gives the genitals enough space. For this reason, you should make sure that it is always cool enough under the blanket,” says the expert. Therefore, the outside temperature of the bedroom should not be above 21 degrees.

6. Sleeping naked heats up the metabolism

You burn almost as many calories as you sleep while you are awake. If you drift off into the realm of dreams, the lights in your brain won’t go out. If you also sleep naked, the calorie consumption can increase. Provided you are not under the covers or the ambient temperature is less than 21 degrees. The reason is plausible: If it is colder, the body needs more effort to maintain its core temperature and to adapt to the ambient temperature. But be careful: your bedroom shouldn’t be too cold. Otherwise you won’t get slim, you’ll get sick.

Tip: Your bedroom should have a temperature of 16-21 degrees. Then you can sleep naked without worry.


7. Sleeping naked reduces body odor

“If you sleep in pajamas, body fluids such as sweat stay longer on the skin and collect in the folds of the skin, such as in the genital area,” explains the expert. Therefore, your pajamas are more likely to smell more unpleasant than naked. But here, too, the following applies: going to bed without clothes is of course no substitute for the shower.

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