Whether or not you need a towing service depends on the situation. Many factors can cause your boat to break down, including fuel gauges that are inaccurate, super-negative low tide, and weather conditions. The best way to avoid such situations is to have a boat towing service in Galveston in place before you go out boating.

Sea Tow

The Sea Tow boat towing service is a great choice if you have a boat that has broken down. The service is available all year round and has the ability to respond to emergencies around the clock. During the winter, they don’t receive as many calls as during the summer months, but call volume increases in the warmer months. In addition, the tow truck can also bring a battery jump and fuel to your boat, which makes them similar to a concierge service.

Commercial Boat Towing | For On-Water Professionals | Sea Tow

Sea Tow also has mobile apps. These apps let you pre-program information about your boat and the members on board, including your location. Once downloaded, you can also send an emergency request via text message or email.


TowBoatUS offers a variety of on-water towing plans. They can help recreational boaters and anglers solve a variety of problems, from a flat tire to a grounded boat. Their membership plans also include fuel delivery, jumpstarts, and quick ungrounding.

The company’s service is available throughout the San Diego bay and Mission Bay. Their services extend to the waters surrounding Southern California, as well as Baja, Mexico.


Progressive boat towing services offer a variety of services for boat owners. Their on-water towing service includes 24-hour emergency assistance and unlimited coverage for registered vessels. This coverage comes at a reasonable price, and there are no membership fees or extras. The company’s mobile app works best with the boater’s name and policy information, so you’ll be able to easily find the towing company’s location. The app is also designed for quick access and is free to download.

Progressive also offers on-water towing, sign and glide towing, and more. In the event that your boat becomes stranded, they’ll get it underway and tow it to a dock. Progressive offers a variety of coverage options, starting at a hundred dollars a year for liability coverage.

Boat U.S.

As a member of Boat U.S., you’ll have access to several benefits, including educational materials, insurance and representation. To help you with your boating needs, Boat U.S. offers roadside assistance and towing. These services are included in the basic membership, which costs $15 per year. Additionally, you can receive a subscription to the company’s newsletter and videos on trailering.

BoatUS is the nation’s largest recreational boating advocacy organization. Its mission is to protect boating rights and provide quality services. As such, members get access to 24-hour on-water towing, roadside assistance for boat trailers and boat insurance programs. Members also receive discounts from boating retailers like West Marine and marinas.

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