/r9k/ is a forum dedicated to anonymous sharing of personal anecdotes on the image board site 4chan. The /r9k/ community is most well-known for its greentext stories that antagonize social norms and celebrate singledom.


In 2008, /r9k/ was first introduced as an experimental forum powered by Robot9000, a special script programmed by xkcd artist Randall Munroe that would filter reposts from showing up.[1] The purpose of the experiment was to see if a board could develop its own subculture if memes and copypasta were heavily discouraged. However, as the community evolved, the board transformed into a sharehub for greentext stories, or original anecdotes of social awkwardness or mishaps as told by users who refer to themselves as “robots.” On January 17th, 2011, /r9k/ was then deleted as it no longer served its original purpose[2], but on November 10th, the board[3] was resurrected, followed by the removal of the Robot9000 script altogether on July 30th, 2014.


The board is famous for its stories of social awkwardness and nostalgia of the simpler times, as well as discussion of abnormal social behaviour. It is heavily used by NEETs[4] (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) who regret their life decisions and hold anger and disdain over males with active social and sexual lifes. it also contains constant discussions about relationships with females and family. Despite all of this, the board holds heavy pride in its own nature, with heavy hate over normies or “Normalfags” who do not understand their culture as well as constant calls for a “Beta Uprising“. this has spawned different memes.

Spaghetti Stories

Spaghetti Stories refers to a series of greentext copypastas that recall socially awkward moments, mostly with females, that always end up with the protagonists having spaghetti falling out of his pockets, r9k consists of a lot of these stories.

GameStop power to the players Spaghetti alle vongole cartoon games vertebrate comics text fictional character fiction play


Normies or Normalfags is a term used by Robots to refer to individuals who in their eyes are deemed as traditionalist or boring, normally the stereotype of a socially active and fitting person that easily blend with society, being the archetype of hipsters.

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Tendies Stories

Tendies Stories are green text stories featuring a twenty-something man who lives at his mother’s home and constantly demands “tendies” (chicken tenders) in exchange for “good boy points” he has earned by doing chores and taking care of himself. The stories are often accompanied by images of Smug Pepe.

Anonymous 10/27/14(Mon)23:38:22 No.14318389 File: 1413209106612 ipg (17 KB, 164x 198) >9PM Really want a McRib s Tell mom I need a McRib because they're only available for a limited time >Says she has to rest for work in the morning and she'll get me one tomorrow >Wait for her to sleep and empty all of my piss jugs in the middle of her bed >Anon! What are you doing!??! >GET MY FUCKING MCRIⅢⅢⅢⅡⅢⅢⅢⅢⅢIIB >mfw she drives for almost 30 minutes in piss soaked clothing to get my McRib Chicken fingers Chicken nugget text font

Angry Pepe

Angry Pepe is a reaction image commonly used on r9k that features a hostile-looking version of Pepe the Frog which is commonly accompanied by expressions of rage and frustation.

its commonly used in r9k to express hate against Normies, and its accompanied by the expression “REEEEEEEE” to signify hostility.

red pink nose lip orange love mouth organ

Shuaiby Suicide Livestream

On March 14, 2018, an /r9k/ user known by his online handle Shuaiby live streamed his suicide on YouTube,[5] holding up a note written “Bye R9K 3/14/18”, and then shot himself in the head with a shotgun. A woman then enters the rooms and calls the authorities. The video was later taken down from YouTube,[5] although several mirrors still exist online.


The earliest 4chan thread discussing this video was shortly after the stream, on the same day around 10:24 PM in the /pol/ board, along with a LiveLeak reupload which was also taken down.[6] At 11:50 PM, a friend of Shuaiby posted on /r9k/, stating that his suicide was caused by issues with his mother. He also confirmed that the stream was real, the girl was neither his ex nor his mother, and that the board itself did not lead to his suicide.[7]

4channer Suicide Anonymous Thu 15 Mar 2018 11:50:08 No.43858201 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >43858431 > 43858459 >>43858469 >43858520 >43858522 >>43858608 >43858623 >43858663 >43858673 >>43858723 >>43858725 >>43858729 >>43858730>>43858832 >>43858915 >>43858917 >>43858925 >>43858953 >>43858980 >>43858986 >>43859001 >>43859086 >>43859098 >>43859133 >>43859187 >>43859215 >>43859295 >>43859347 >>43859379 >>43859496 >>43859711 >>43859778 >>43859821 >>43859875 >>43859938 >>43859963 >>43859990 >>43860132 >>43860277 >>43860305 >>43860411 >>43860428 >>43860477 >>43860511 >>43860828 >>43861192 >>43861224 >>43861552 >>43861850 [802/127] want to clear up some rumors about the Shuaiby suicide. I was his friend. Here is some backstory. become friends with an anon from here a month ago genuinely awesome guy to talk to, loved him so much had lots of fun staying up late discussing weeb things and whatnot group of friends constantly trying to help him through whatever he was going through goes through something with his mother we try to convince him that his parents care for him and that he should trust them It seems like he is doing ok for the most part one day, it really starts to bother him 186KiB, 335x265, rip.png View Same Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO >sets up livestream and sends it to us >he does his thing, despite us trying to get him to not do it fast forward several hours people find the stream spread all over the internet within a matter of hours >people start making up many rumors about him, memeing him to shit I can confirm that almost every single rumor that is being said about him is untrue. No, that was not his ex. Her name was not cat. It wasn't on skype. His mother was not the one crying. It's not fake. /r9k/ did not drive him to suicide There are only a select few people who were actually there, and none of them are going to post in this thread. We have lost a friend, a brother Rest in peace, Shuaiby. You will always be loved text