Sport should be done because it is so healthy. A blessing for the circulation and for the back. And I, since I have now skipped 50, should pay particular attention to “maintaining the ability to move even with advancing age”, as my wife gently expresses it. It works best – of course! – with yoga . With the Far East gymnastics you not only dissolve the physical tension, but also the waste in the head. Narrow-mindedness of the partner, for example.

That sounds terribly caring and just daunting – at least to me. In reality, for me and fitness, it is about things that really matter: purely externally. I’m not alone with this attitude. Women are just more honest than men , they openly address their problems. Four enemies drive the woman into the gym and they are called: orange peel, wobbly thighs, bingo and pancake bottom. For us men the world is a simpler one, we just have to watch out for one alarm signal: When our stomach no longer wants to piss, it is high time to take action.

Cannonball and leather sausage

And male active . In addition to the body polish, the ego wants to be fed. And what man would seriously like to hug a Swiss rubber ball and roll around on it like an eel? Just imagine a video like this appears on Facebook. Pretty embarrassing. I postponed such activities until I was in the old people’s home.

Even sports with women should be avoided. The female gender has a keen sense of dance and rhythm. If you don’t have a Patrick Swayze in you, you’re just trailing behind the elves like a bear. Depressing. Those who want to feel more masculine should stick to leather and iron. Tear, pry, lift – these are the names of the activities for the Lord. Hop, stretch and stretch for the lady.

Nothing is better for the male psyche in the mature half of life than to have come through a workout alive, which the trainer warned before. Is it good to lie down and get up again and again and balance a kind of cannonball made of cast metal over your head on your outstretched arm? Probably not. Sit-ups with a sand-filled leather sausage that is pushed upwards at the crucial moment are also not described in the health insurance company’s health guide.

But: If you want to turn buffing into muscles, you have to struggle. Wherever there is planing, there are shavings: bruises on the body and impact craters in the parquet can hardly be avoided. One should see these wounds as an award. In addition, you skilfully bypass any paternalism from health-conscious partners. Because they usually have to fit in brute sport.

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