Mortgage broker Melbourne is getting harder to come by,” said a Mortgage broker in Melbourne, Australia. “There are more homeowners opting to self-service their mortgages in Melbourne. This is where you work directly with the lender, submitting online or on paper your application, along with any supporting documents that need to be submitted. Lenders these days are also becoming increasingly Internet savvy – and a lot more reluctant to take on self-service customers.” A self-served mortgage is when you apply directly with a private lender without the involvement or even direct knowledge of a bank or other financial institution.

Self-servicing has turned into a trend in the property market in the last decade or so, with many financial services companies either moving their services to Collins Street, improving their customer service and generally treating their clients better. “We have been providing mortgage brokering services in Melbourne since 1999, steadily building a strong clientele of everyday individuals seeking the right loan for their individual requirements. We are not a big conglomerate and you will not be another number in our database. Our small boutique size means that we can provide a personal service to each of our customers, tailored to their individual needs and requirements.” says Freedom Loans, which specialises in home improvement loans.

Self-service can also save you a great deal of time and hassle. As well as saving time you may also save money. In addition to saving money with self-service, some mortgage brokers in Melbourne have also started to provide financing through the Internet, cutting out the broker and saving even more money. Of course, some will still provide this service over the telephone, but many of today’s leaders have gone wireless, especially the online ones.

A mortgage broker is also someone who goes one step further and interacts directly with the borrower and lender. He knows the ins and outs of the financial market and has a vested interest in making sure the borrower gets the best deal. However, he does not actually do the credit repair or processing for the loan. The mortgage broker maintains the relationship between the lender and borrower and works every step of the way from the application to the finance end.

If you are looking to purchase your first home in Melbourne, Freedom Lend is a company that can help. A free credit and finance guide that cover every aspect of home loans, from the basics to the most complex areas of financials, is available free of charge at its website. A mortgage broker in Melbourne can also help you with your first home loan, as they have access to the whole range of mortgages from many different sources. Freedom lend works closely with different banks, including HDFC, National Australia Bank and Macquarie. In addition to their free guide, they also offer a mortgage broker service for an additional fee.

As more people make the decision to buy a new home, the need for mortgage brokers will only grow. With the availability of information on the Internet, it is now easier than ever to research and find the perfect mortgage for your unique needs. If you have made the decision to purchase a new property, you may want to consider consulting with a mortgage broker in Melbourne to get the best rate possible, along with the assistance you need to get pre-approval, if needed. This is an investment you cannot afford to make without the proper planning. Get expert advice and tips on home loan products from leading mortgage providers, including free mortgage guides and information on competitive mortgage rates.

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