Dick the Birthday Boy refers to a Polaroid photograph of presenter and actor Rich Evans from video production company Red Letter Media. He is pictured as a child wearing a shirt that says “Dick the Birthday Boy” alongside Billy Bob Bear, a mascot for the now defunct restaurant ShowBiz Pizza Place.


The image was used by other cast members of Red Letter Media to prank Rich Evans in an episode of their “Best of the Worst” series, posted November 5th, 2013 (shown below). The moment from which the original image appears can be found at 01:02. In the same episode a Billy Bob Bear costume coincidentally appears in the film Trick or Treat starring Gene Simmons, and the cast discuss this shocking reveal at 27:35. Other images of the original photograph have since been shared online by Red Letter Media on their Twitter account and also the account of regular guest star Colin Cunningham.

In June 2019 the Red Letter Media creators were guest stars on the Bunny Ears podcast hosted by Macaulay Culkin during which the history of this photo was fully elaborated on. The specific tangent can be found at 22:10 during which the original source and the spread of picture is discussed. The photo itself is now framed at the RLM studio.