• To conduct a systematic literature review to identify areas for practice improvement and future research in stillbirth prevention;

  • To instigate collaboration with relevant agencies towards establishment a systematic comprehensive data collection for stillbirths Australian and New Zealand for the purposes of research and audit;

  • To establish a consultation mechanism with Indigenous communities to ensure ANZSA activities address the needs of Indigenous families

ANZSA Stillbirth Research Listing

With funding made available form the Department of Health and Ageing Canberra in June 2007, the Australian and New Zealand Stillbirth Alliance has been established to support and conduct high quality collaborative research and best clinical practice for stillbirth in Australia and New Zealand through the establishment of clinical networks and partnerships with parent organisations, government, professional colleges and other relevant national and international organisations.

As part of ANZSA's goal to support and undertake high quality collaborative research we are currently compiling a listing of all research currently being undertaken or recently completed in ANZ to enhance collaboration and community awareness of research.

We invite all those planning, undertaking or recently completed research focusing on increasing the current knowledge for the prevention of stillbirth and care for affected families to contribute to this listing of research.

The information needed for registration is minimal: a title, plain language statement including purpose and anticipated outcomes, estimation completion date (i.e. when results will be made available), study collaborators and contact person details.

Download Registration Form ] Please fill out this form and email to:

With permission from the principle investigator a brief description of the research will be placed on the ANZSA website.

For further information about ANZSA and how you can become involved, contact the secretariat:


Phone: +61 7 3163 1592

Fax: +61 7 3163 1588